Seo Help & Seo How to

Seo Help & Seo How to

Seo for most people appears as this mystery system that only a wizard behind a curtain can pull off. Seo is very complicated and even more so to explain to a novice. However, it does not have to be. The most common Seo Tips for our Seo customers in St. Louis, Missouri is that you

1.) First off need a professional website not one made by a friend or daughter

2.) Make sure your business information is the same and consistent across the internet and for Google

3.) Do not use other peoples images or written content

4.) Make sure your website is optimized on both the front and back end

5.) Make sure to hire a professional Social Media Manager

6.) Ceate Videso for Video Marketing and for Youtube

7.) Make sure you are an expert in your field and know everything there is to know to help educate people

8.) Creae copyrighted images and company logos to protect your work

9.) Make sure that security on your website is top notch and prevents all malware and hacking attempts.

10.) Have good quality Seo Content Strategies.


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