What to Do When the Snipping Tool Keyboard Shortcut Stops Working

A MIDI console on a work area with a Digital Audio Workstation open on a PC screen

Assuming you every now and again take screen captures on your PC, you’re likely mindful of the Win + Shift + S alternate way. Squeezing those keys springs up the Snip and Sketch device (or the Snipping Tool on the off chance that you’re on Windows 11), permitting you to rapidly take a screen capture and save it on your PC.

In the event that you had a go at utilizing the easy route without any result yet nothing occurred, there are a couple of justifications for why this might be the situation. We should investigate the causes behind a broken Win + Shift + S easy route and how to fix them.

Turn On the Clipboard History

The Snipping Tool saves screen captures to your clipboard first. You can save the screen captures to your PC after the picture has been replicated to your clipboard history. In this way, on the off chance that you’ve handicapped clipboard history, the Snipping Tool won’t work.

You can fix this from the Settings application. Press Win + I to send off the Settings application and explore to System > Clipboard. At the highest point of the window, you’ll see the Clipboard history choice and the choice empower or cripple to one side. Ensure the choice is flipped on and afterward leave the Settings application.

Turn off and Replug In Your Game Controller

While this might sound too shortsighted to possibly be a genuine arrangement, it works as a rule. On the off chance that your game regulator is associated with your PC, turn off it and attachment it back in. Check whether the screen capture alternate way works whenever you’ve done this.

Utilize the Print Screen Key Instead

You can likewise change the alternate way for sending off the Snipping Tool. Rather than Win + Shift + S, Windows permits you to set the PrtScr key as an easy route from the Settings application.

changing cutting device alternate route to print screen

Leave the Settings application and have a go at utilizing the PrtScr button. You ought to have the option to utilize the Snipping Tool for screen captures now.

Reset or Reinstall the Snipping Tool

Resetting the Snipping Tool will return it to its unique state. On the off chance that something you did later screwed up with the application’s settings, a reset ought to fix the issue.

Press Win + I to send off the Settings application and explore to Apps > Apps and Features. Look for Snipping Tool in the rundown of applications. Click on the upward ellipsis to one side and select Advanced choices.

choosing progressed choices for the clipping device application in settings

Look down to the following screen and snap on the Reset button. You’ll see a drifting message. Once more, click Reset.

tapping the reset button to reset cutting device

Allow the reset interaction to finish and check whether you can utilize the Snipping Tool now.

In the event that the reset doesn’t help, you could likewise need to take a stab at reinstalling the Snipping Tool. You can do this by tapping the Uninstall button just beneath the Reset button. When it’s uninstalled, send off the Microsoft Store via looking for Microsoft store in the Start Menu. Look for Snipping Tool or utilize the immediate connection to download the Snipping Tool. Select the Get button to introduce the application and check whether the alternate route works now.

introducing the clipping apparatus from the microsoft store

Actually take a look at the Keyboard for Dirt or Damage

At times, the easy route probably won’t work in light of the fact that your console is grimy. On the off chance that you don’t utilize the Win key frequently, there’s a decent opportunity that it has gummed up over the long haul.

Take a stab at utilizing the Win key for something different. For instance, press Win + E and check whether that dispatches the File Explorer. You can likewise have a go at composing a capital S with the Shift + S easy route.

On the off chance that one of these keys won’t work, take a stab at cleaning the residue from under the keys. On the off chance that the key actually doesn’t work or it seems as though the key has been genuinely harmed, have a go at utilizing an alternate console. In the event that you’re ready to affirm actual harm, you’ll have to put resources into another console.

Empower Snipping Tool Notifications

Assuming you’ve utilized the Snipping Tool easy route, you realize that whenever you’ve chosen the region of the screen you need to screen capture, a notice springs up. Tapping the warning permits you to save the picture.

Look at the rundown of applications looking for Snipping Tool. Switch on the button close to Snipping Tool assuming that it’s switched off.

turning the warnings on for cutting apparatus

You don’t be guaranteed to need to utilize the implicit Snipping Tool for screen captures. Outsider applications are more strong and give a larger number of highlights than the Snipping Tool. In the event that Snipping Tool isn’t taking care of business, this present time may be a decent opportunity to do the switch.

Outsider applications are especially useful assuming you catch screen captures routinely. They’re more effective and offer a lot of altering choices before you save the picture document. While there are lots of screen capture applications, not all merit your time. Make certain to find out about outsider screen capture applications before you begin utilizing one.