Playing the Online Slot Machine, Babushkas

Thunderkick’s Babushkas is, without a doubt, the best game ever made on Russia and her customs. In case you were wondering, “babushka” is Russian for “grandma” or “elderly woman,” so that’s what it means. Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls, are typically depicted as miniature old ladies and are sometimes referred to by this name. This game was inspired by the fact that traditional Russian dolls come in a wide range of sizes but can all fit inside one another. That being the case, it provides not only images of these dolls but also music that will take you to the very center of Russia while you play. Thunderkick’s trademark attention to detail ensures that the game’s visuals will be as pleasing as the rest of the experience.

Dolls Tucked Away in a Corner

Once the game has been loaded, the player is faced with a standard slot game layout consisting of five reels and three rows. There are a total of 17 pay lines in this design, all of which are predetermined by the developer and cannot be changed. The game’s many symbols, all depicted as variations on matryoshka dolls, are shown on these reels. Green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow are all represented, and each has a unique facial expression and color scheme.

The inventor of this game not only included reels, rows, and icons, but also the option to alter your wager before each spin. You can choose a denomination from £0.10 up to £100 by clicking the corresponding casino chip icon. Next to this button is a ‘Auto Play’ option that lets you repeat a single spin up to 5,000 times with the current bet. This is followed by the spin button, and on the left side of the screen, you can toggle the game’s sound effects on and off.

Learn What Makes This Game Unique

It’s only natural that a game centered around nested dolls will have some secrets of its own, and that’s exactly the case with the bonus content. To give just one illustration, the reels feature a ‘wild’ icon denoted by an oval with a ‘W’ printed on it. This appears exclusively on reel three and stands in for any other symbol to complete winning paylines.

However, there is a hidden bonus in the wild: if one of them appears with a star on it, it will unfold to reveal one of three hidden bonuses. Starting with the Scare Bear, the unidentified bonus features will gradually increase the value of the lowest valued symbols on screen by one, two, or three times. The Charm Bear is another option; in this case, each sign provides a single-level boost. Last but not least, there’s the Dance Bear, who awards seven free spins of the reels with a new wild egg appearing on reel three after each spin.

When this results in additional or longer winning lines, all winning symbols of the same value upgrade to the next higher valued icon. If, after all winning symbol upgrades, all 15 symbols on the screen have the same value, they will be improved again. Level 0 symbols can transform into ghost symbols, which offer a bonus payout of 2,000 coins.

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Closing Statement

Babushkas appears to be a fairly standard slot offering at brand new online casinos, but as you start playing and get down to the special extra elements, you’ll realize that it’s actually quite an engaging game with fantastic graphics and fun game play. It’s a great addition to the Thunderkick collection overall.